Sutton Coldfield Golf Club

Seniors Open

Friday 28th June 2019, Yellow Tees, Sutton Coldfield

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Results Points Switch to Gross PointsCSS 71 (Visitors 73)
1st Kevin Brewer(13) Ladbrook Park Golf Club41
2nd Neil Dunn(13)40
3rd David Dearden(10) Kings Norton Golf Club39
4th Wayne Moore(7) Uttoxeter Golf Club39
5th Philip Green(11)38
6th Mike Wittin(13) Enville Golf Club38
7th John Maude(18) Maxstoke Park Golf Club38
8th Christopher Bailey(14)37
9th Philip Radford(16)37
10th William Litchfield(18) Beeston Fields Golf Club36
11th Kenneth Storey(12) Uttoxeter Golf Club36
12th Steve Inns(7) Kings Norton Golf Club35
13th Stephen Ruff(20)35
14th Peter Robinson(10)35
15th Roger Hearn(19) Maxstoke Park Golf Club35
16th David Lister(16)35
17th Stephen Day(9) Kings Norton Golf Club34
18th Christopher Bartlett(7) Coventry Golf Club34
19th Gary Fellows(14)34
20th Paul Jewell(7) Ladbrook Park Golf Club34
21st John Freeborough(12) Mickleover Golf Club34
22nd Howard Deeley(16)34
23rd John Wallace(19)34
24th Paul Price(14)34
25th Steven Knight(15)34
26th Dermot Walker(18) Great Barr Golf Club34
27th David Newman(15) Maxstoke Park Golf Club34
28th kevin wittin(15) Stourbridge Golf Club34
29th Robert Brown(13) Scraptoft Golf Club34
30th Eddie Hewitt(18)33
31st David O'Rourke(7) Ladbrook Park Golf Club33
32nd Adrian Fogarty(22)33
33rd DAVID OULSNAM(23) Uttoxeter Golf Club33
34th Paul Wright(22)33
35th Robin Upton(16) Uttoxeter Golf Club33
36th Neale Aston(21)33
37th David Holliday(9) Worcester Golf & Country Club33
38th Brian George Smith(13)33
39th Mr P Eccles(9) Worcester Golf & Country Club33
40th Charles Harrison(17)33
41st ANDY LESTER(4) Lutterworth Golf Club32
42nd David Barnett(9) Notts Golf Club32
43rd Keith Smith(15) Maxstoke Park Golf Club32
44th Derek Pedley(19) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club32
45th John Chaplin(18) Copsewood Grange Golf Club32
46th P Slowikowski(14) Uttoxeter Golf Club32
47th Bob Stapleton(13) Worcester Golf & Country Club32
48th George G Brookes(16) Chase Golf Club (The)32
49th Andrew Page(10) Uttoxeter Golf Club32
50th David Constantine(13)32
51st Daryl Regan(18)32
52nd Chris Kealy(11)32
53rd Stephen Martin(13)32
54th John Littlewood(21) Minehead & West Somerset Golf Club32
55th Robert Grimley(23) Kenilworth Golf Club31
56th Gerry Wood-Wilson(11) Scraptoft Golf Club31
57th Roger Bennett(6)31
58th Geoffrey Townsend(17)31
59th Phil Harness.(5) Beedles Lake Golf Club31
60th C G Adams(14) Hale Golf Club31
61st Nicholas Fox(12)31
62nd Derek McCormick(12)31
63rd Jeff Findley(13)31
64th Michael Hanley(13) Cherry Lodge Golf Club30
65th Terry Eldred(18) Kings Norton Golf Club30
66th Geoff Godsmark(9) Scraptoft Golf Club30
67th Paul Randon(21) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club30
68th Philip Dunn(16)30
69th Alan Courtney(13) Worcester Golf & Country Club30
70th James Hennessy(11)30
71st Ken Brown(17)29
72nd Lee Hill(20) Uttoxeter Golf Club29
73rd A P Jones(17) Mickleover Golf Club29
74th Mark Howell(8)29
75th Peter Hoe(12)29
76th Eric Rankin(9)29
77th Martin Tanner(13) Copsewood Grange Golf Club29
78th Malcolm Williams(16) Worfield Golf Club29
79th Tim Higgs(14)29
80th Paul Brattle(16) Maxstoke Park Golf Club29
81st Mike Walker(12) Bridgnorth Golf Club29
82nd David Wallis(13)28
83rd Alan Meadon(12)28
84th Terry Cregan(25) Branston Golf & Country Club28
85th Stephen Foister(18) Rothley Park Golf Club28
86th Peter PW Caswell(13) Chase Golf Club (The)28
87th Graham Ashby(22)28
88th David Quinney(13)28
89th Dave Clark(15) Uttoxeter Golf Club27
90th Geoff Smedley(18) Maxstoke Park Golf Club27
91st David Yarranton(13) Sapey Golf Club27
92nd Malcolm Ball(14)27
93rd William Winters(21) Maxstoke Park Golf Club27
94th Keith Springham(12) Scraptoft Golf Club27
95th Robert Winstanley(14) Maxstoke Park Golf Club27
96th Richard Sweet(18)27
97th John Teeling(19) Maxstoke Park Golf Club26
98th Ian Clayden(13) Maxstoke Park Golf Club26
99th Norman J Taylor(16) Walsall Golf Club26
100th Colin Jackson(26)26
101st Martin Davis(11) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club26
102nd Colin Anderson(5) Aldwickbury Park Golf Club26
103rd Michael M Pearson(15) Chase Golf Club (The)26
104th Neil Woodward(8) Maxstoke Park Golf Club26
105th Paul Vultaggio(13)26
106th Nicholas Rogers(25) Walsall Golf Club26
107th Don Hollywood(15)26
108th Allan Reed(25)25
109th Anthony Young(9) Herefordshire Golf Club25
110th Paul Holloway(20) Barlaston Golf Club25
111th Steve Upton(14) Sapey Golf Club25
112th NIGEL PEARCE(13) Lutterworth Golf Club25
113th Kevin Bragg(24) Lichfield Golf & Country Club25
114th Peter Rulton(11) Herefordshire Golf Club24
115th William Brice(21) Whittington Heath Golf Club24
116th Christopher Bettles(20)23
117th Geoff Britten(23)23
118th Grahaeme Dodge(6) Sapey Golf Club22
119th Paul Engers(26)22
120th Anthony Green(18)22
121st Laurence Haselhurst(12) Broadway Golf Club22
122nd S A (Alan) Smyth(8) Filton Golf Club22
123rd Mac Podmore(18) Aston Wood Golf Club22
124th John Beirne(19)22
125th David Woods(18)22
126th Christopher Whitmore(14) Maxstoke Park Golf Club22
127th Trevor Bennett(10)22
128th Steve Cheshire(21) Great Barr Golf Club21
129th Stuart Swalwell(13) Ashbourne Golf Club21
130th Allan Burton(22) Minehead & West Somerset Golf Club20
131st DAVID WILSON(14) Vale Golf & Country Club20
132nd Eden Ottley(14) Marriott Forest of Arden G & CC Ltd17
133rd Roger Littlewood(22) Whittington Heath Golf Club15
134th Neil Armstrong (16) Chevin Golf Club13
135th Michael Evans(17) Coventry Hearsall Golf Club12
136th Dave Murcott(27) Aston Wood Golf Club10
N/A Roy Cheetham(27)21
N/A Laurie Clive(12)WD

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